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Xiaonan REN

Anhui University of Finance and Economics (Juris Master)

Anhui Agricultural University (Double Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture and Management)


Mr. Ren graduated from Anhui University of Finance and Economics with a Juris Master degree. Before joining URights, he worked in Beijing East IP Law Firm, and has been engaged in dispute resolution projects in the fields of trademark, patent, domain name, copyright, and other intellectual property rights. Mr. Ren has grown rapidly in the process of assisting the team in providing excellent professional judgment and business strategy solutions for outstanding global brands and advanced technical on complex issues. Especially Mr. Ren has extensive experience in the mining of information and clues, the retrieval of laws and facts, the collection and collation of data, the investigation of evidence and negotiation.



Representative Cases:


Enforcement Case – participates in the enforcement cases for Blackstone, Continental, Morgan Stanley, Great Wonder and other domestic and multinational clients against various types of infringement, such as unauthorized use of client’s commercial sign and recordal for  its own copyright, squatter against client’s  commercial sign, false advertisement in commercial project using client’s commercial sign, operation of online and offline stores using client’s logo, unauthorized use of client’s technics enjoying design rights or utility model rights, etc. which provided effective solution for protection of client’s IP rights and avoid confusion in the market.

Market Investigation and Monitor – assists FC Brands, famous Japan cartoon brand, public figure, Bridgewater and other clients in investigation and long-term monitor against copy, free-riding, patent/trademark/copyright infringement, unfair competition, etc. so as to support client’s IP protection strategy, assist clients monitoring competitor’s advertisement and update, so as to provide client with competition strategy from IP aspect.

IP Consultation – participates in the legal opinion for YI Tunnel, HIUV, Qu Tou Tiao, Tropical Brother, CCJEC and other clients related to creation, registration and acquisition, license and transaction of IP.


Attorney at law
Dispute Resolution